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For individuals who want to become judges, public prosecutors or lawyers

The College of Law and Politics offers the Legal Professional Pr ogram within the Department of Law in order to provide solid support to students who aim to become legal professi onals.

A legal professional must have exceptional abilities that inclu de legal reasoning and the ability to create legal documents. The Legal Professional Program provides training to buil d such abilities for students to become legal professionals in small-sized seminars that cover major areas of law. The program also offers various necessary supports,such as practicing essays for the bar examination and informati on exchange sessions in collaboration with legal professionals who are graduates of Rikkyo University.

Upon completion of the Legal Professional Program, students may apply for a special academic track for training legal professions under which students may enroll in graduate l aw schools without taking the entrance examinations (as of April 2022, the track is prepared to enroll in the gradu ate law school programs at Keio University, Waseda University and Chuo University). As of April 2023, the Legal Profe ssional Program is open to second-year students in the Department of Law. An application is required in advance. T he selection is made based on the student ’s academic record in the previous year in major law subjects and essay.

The Legal Professional Program and Early Graduation

Students enrolled in the Legal Professional Program may take advantage of early graduation at the end of their third year if they have earned the prescribed credits with excellent academic records, thereby greatly shortening the amount of time required to become legal professionals.

With this system in place, Rikkyo College of Law and Politics firmly supports those who aim to become legal professionals.

Message from Academic Staff

Take the shortest path to become a legal professional!

Kentaro Kobayashi, Professor

If you enroll in the Legal Professional Program, you can be a legal professional in just six years after entering the undergraduate study at the College of Law and Politics. This short path had been available only to the few. The Legal Professional Program was created to allow many more people to follow the same path. One significant benefit of the program is a special academic track to enroll in law schools of well-known private universities in the Tokyo area without taking the entrance examinations. Another is a superb educational opportunity offered in small-sized seminars taught by passionate instructors. Join the program and take the short-cut together!

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